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Whatsapp New Update: What You Need To Know About View Once Feature

WhatsApp earlier announced that it would soon let users send disappearing photos and videos and this week the feature has been rolled out to everybody. You can enjoy this feature once your WhatsApp it Updated.

What is Whatsapp View Once Feature?

Anyone using the Facebook-owned messaging app can share a photo or video in “view once” mode, allowing a single viewing before the media in question goes poof. Media shared with “view once” selected will show up as opened after the intended audience takes a peek.

New feature alert!

You can now send photos and videos that disappear after they’ve been opened via View Once on WhatsApp, giving you more control over your chats privacy!

— WhatsApp (@WhatsApp) August 3, 2021

The company notes that the new feature could be helpful for an array of needs that definitely aren’t sending nudes, like sharing a photo of some clothes you tried on or giving someone your wifi password. In the fine print, the company would like to remind you that just because the photos or video will vanish, that doesn’t prevent someone from taking a screenshot (and you won’t know if they do).

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How Does the Whatsapp View Once Feature Works?

Firstly, you will need to update your Whatsapp or Whatsapp Business to the latest version by downloading the update from Google Playstore.

To use the view once, no special setting is required, just go to the recipient inbox and select the photo or video you would like to share you will then see a button beside the “send”, a single click on this small circle activates the view once feature and if you click it again the feature closes.

Limitations of Whatsapp View Once Feature

The first limitation of this feature is that only those who have updated their Whatsapp to the latest version can be able to use this feature or open to view a picture or video sent using this feature. This means that if your WhatsApp is not updated, you can’t view a picture that the ‘View Once’ feature is activated for.

As for the second, although the picture disappears after viewing, yet it does not prevent the recipient from taking a screenshot of the picture before closing it (while viewing on-screen)

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