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Top Ten Digital Skills You Should Learn in 2022

The need to learn a digital skill has increased as a result of the rise of technology and society’s dependence on the internet. In recent times, learning digital skills is of great advantage as major activities take place in the virtual world and soft skill jobs now pay better. This article covers the top 10 digital skills that you should learn in 2022.

It’s not necessary to learn all the skills on this list come on it is advisable to focus on the skills that will be suitable for you and gear you in the right direction.

Knowing these digital skills enables you to begin online freelancing, secure well-paying jobs amongst many other benefits.

Here are the most sought-after digital skills that you should learn in 2022.

1. Basic computing skills

This is the first digital skill that you should acquire as it will make your work flexible when you advance to other digital skills. Knowing basic computing skills will enable you to use tools such as word processing packages like Google Docs, Microsoft Word, etc. Or spreadsheet packages like Google sheet, Microsoft Excel, etc. This can also include presentation packages like Google slides, Microsoft PowerPoint, etc.

2. Graphics Designing

This is a highly paid skill that is employed by a majority of the businesses present in the digital space. Graphics designing is using a computer application package to create graphical images which include logos, posters, flyers, letterheads, infographics, etc.

If you desire to learn how to be a vector graphics designer, you can use CorelDRAW, Inkscape, etc. But if you choose to become a raster graphics editor, you should get familiar with Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, etc.

Another online graphical tool that will aid you is Canva. The basic plan is free to use and you can design logos, flyers and other things with it as a beginner. You can also go on to check out other free graphic design software.

3. Coding.

You don’t need to have expertise in coding before you know your way around websites, but having a basic knowledge of coding will be very resourceful as it will enable you to add more customization to your website and become familiar with the way websites operate.

There is a number of platforms online and apps that teach how to code. Here are a few: Codecademy, The Odin Project, Udemy, Mimo amongst many others.

4. Content Marketing

Content marketing has dominated the digital world for years and individuals with this skill are in high demand.

Content occurs in various forms – infographics, blog posts, podcasts, videos, as well as social media status updates.

This digital skill is not only about creating content but creating content that is significantly relevant to keyword research and optimizing them in a strategy. Through experience and knowledge in content marketing, you equip yourself with a valuable and employable skill that will set you up for a career in any industry. 

5.  Data Visualization

This is a digital skill that allows you to present data in a visual industry such as charts or schematics. It is a very crucial skill because large datasets are of no use if they cannot be understood efficiently. A knowledge of this skill gives you an edge in management so you can make vital business decisions.

Data visualization can also hone your content creation and communication types of digital skills. To learn Data visualization use tools such as Tableau and Power BI which are beginners friendly. Your ability to present data that is visually attractive, interactive, and effective is a fundamental advantage for the job market as it will boost your portfolio.

6. Search Engine Marketing

 This digital skill involves increasing the visibility of websites in search engine results pages (SERPs). SEM is a tool that is increasingly used to increase awareness of online businesses, and enhance company profiles.

How does SEM work?

SEM is dependent on keyword research, geographic location, and text content to promote the website in search algorithms. Knowing SEM knowledge will create an increased awareness of your company which will, in turn, attract valuable web traffic from the search engine. An example of SEM is Google Ads.

7. Copywriting

 Copywriting, which is an element of effective digital marketing, serves as a lucrative career opportunity as businesses are constantly in search of copywriters to help them increase sales either as a freelancer or as full-time offers.

If you intend on learning this digital skill, then use Hemingway App. It is a free copywriting tool that ensures that your copywriting is excellent and thoroughly written.

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8. Email marketing

The list will be incomplete without “Email marketing” This is one of the most used effective marketing strategies on the internet. Email marketing is a widely known digital marketing skill and this is because of its versatility.

Over the years, this form of marketing has been effectively used to effectively convert leads, engage dormant customers, build brand loyalty, etc. You can run email marketing on platforms like Mailchimp, Mailpoet, creativeMail, Constant Contact and others available online. Most provide free mailing services for up to 1000 subscribers.

9. Data Analysis

Data Analytics is a digital skill that involves the use of functional procedures and modern software to gather and process a massive range of information from varying online interactions of your focus market.

These online interactions could occur in the form of content consumed, online transactions, search queries, and other relevant footprints which are of Importance to your business.

Data Analysis has now become easier as a result of the number of online tools that have been made available to measure data across different platforms, it also becomes less cumbersome for marketers to analyze and take relevant marketing decisions.

10. Marketing automation

A knowledge of this skill will allow you to create automated tasks for visitors on websites as a way of saving time.  It is vital to know how to set up forms, create landing pages, and trigger drip campaigns that will convert website visitors to customers. This skill will aid in helping your sales team to find sales qualified leads from web traffic.


It is quite evident that digital skills are essential to activities in the digital space and one just has a foregrounded knowledge on at least, a majority of them.

 Here is a recap of the top ten digital skills you should learn in 2022 as mentioned in this article.

1. Basic computer skills

2. Graphic designing

3. Coding

4. Content marketing

5. Data visualization

6. Search engine marketing

7. Copywriting

8. Email marketing

9. Data analysis

10. Marketing automation.


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