Kuda Naira MasterCard: What You Need to Know

Kuda has announced that the rolling out of Kuda Naira MasterCard will kick off in August 2021.

This article give answers to Frequently asked questions on Kuda Naira Mastercard

1. When is the Kuda Naira MasterCard coming?

We’ll start delivering Kuda Naira MasterCards about two weeks from August 7, 2020.

Delivery will be done in batches, with the first batch of cards going to everyone who has been using their Kuda Verve Card frequently.

2. Who is eligible for a Kuda Naira MasterCard?

Anyone who has upgraded their Kuda account by confirming their BVN (Bank Verification Number) and adding a valid ID card to their Kuda profile can request a Kuda Naira MasterCard.

You can get help with your account upgrade here.

3. I requested a card last year but I didn’t get one. Can I get a Kuda Naira MasterCard?

Yes, you can.

We’ve already put you on the priority list and you’ll get your Kuda Naira MasterCard after current active card users get theirs.

4. What will happen to my Kuda Verve Card?

As soon as you get your Kuda Naira MasterCard and activate it, we’ll deactivate your Kuda Verve Card.

5. Is the Kuda MasterCard free?

Yes, the card is free but you’ll need to have at least 1,000 naira in your Kuda account to request one.

The 1,000 naira is a minimum balance for the card request, not a fee. We will not remove this money from your account.

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6. How will I get my Kuda Naira MasterCard?

We will deliver your Kuda Naira MasterCard to your address free of charge.

7. Will I have to pay a card maintenance fee?

No, we won’t charge you a card maintenance fee for your Kuda Naira MasterCard.

8. Can I withdraw cash free of charge with this card?

Yes, you can withdraw cash free of charge with your Kuda Naira MasterCard at all Zenith Bank ATMs across Nigeria.

Zenith Bank is our issuing partner for Kuda Naira MasterCards.

Important: You’ll be charged a withdrawal fee at other banks’ ATMs including those owned by Access Bank and Access Diamond Bank.

9. Where can I use this card?

You can use your Kuda Naira MasterCard at ATMs, on POS terminals, online and everywhere else Naira MasterCards are accepted.

Important: This is a naira-denominated card. For now, you will not be able to use it on foreign websites but we’re already working on making that possible.

10. Do I need to change my default PIN at an ATM?

No, you don’t. You can use your card as soon as we deliver it to you.

11. Why is the Zenith Bank logo printed on the back of my Kuda MasterCard?

Our card issuing partnership with Zenith Bank mentioned in 8 above requires us to print our logo and Zenith Bank’s logo on Kuda MasterCards.

12. Why do I get an SMS and an email from Zenith Bank whenever I want to pay online with my Kuda MasterCard?

This happens because the payment gateway that facilitates online payments with your Kuda MasterCard must confirm your payment with us and with the card issuing partner. (Source: Kuda Card FAQs)

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