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How to Verify Google Adsense Account without PIN Mail

One of the many ways by which bloggers, as well as YouTubers, monetize their content is through Google Adsense – a platform run by Google that allows publishers in this network to serve advertisements in form of text, images, or video to their users and get paid from Google based on traffic and or clicks. When advertisers (companies) seek Google to advertise for them, Google uses publishers to serve these ads on their website or Youtube Video and pay them based on the Advertisers’ bidding, location, quality of traffic, and other factors. Although easy to apply if you met the Google policies and guidelines, issues may arise when you need to receive your payments after you reach the earning threshold because Google needs to verify they are wiring money to a human, but rest assured you will be earning soon.

Google Adsense verification methods

The Google verification methods are into 2 phases. The first phase allows you to verify your identity, for this, a valid Government-issued ID card is required, and has certain requirements:

  • The name must be the same as the name on your Google Adsense Profile
  • The Id Card must be scanned showing all the 4 corners
  • The ID Card must be colored.

Any of the following can be used in Nigeria:

  • National ID Card
  • International Passport
  • Voter’s Card or
  • Driver’s License

In some cases, I have heard of people using NIN Slip and got approved.

The second phase is address verification, Google needs to verify that you are actually living at the location that you said you live hence, you need to supply a postal code of your area during account creation (we could say a postal code is an address capable of receiving posted materials through NIPOST, i.e. post office)- so a PIN Mail will be sent to the post office in which you’ve supplied its postal code.

However, due to the situation of things, people do struggle with the delivery of AdSense PIN and find it hard to verify their AdSense account & receive the first $100 from AdSense. You are not alone and this insight is here to put you through. Many AdSense users from many countries are facing a similar situation due to mailing issues.

Basically, AdSense sends you a PIN Mail (Which looks like a letter containing 6 digit code) once you have earned your first $10 in your AdSense account (which I refer to as earning threshold – although, Adsense calls it verification threshold). This is a unique code for every Adsense account and you can’t even try to guess it, it is sent via a courier to the address that you are mentioned while creating your Adsense account. Usually, Adsense sends the PIN Mail a few days after reaching the verification threshold of $10.

Some important things to Know About Adsense Verification

There is 4 months interval of entering your PIN into your account from the date your first PIN is generated. If you are unable to enter the PIN after 4 months, Adsense will stop showing ads on your pages.

  • Your PIN will be generated and mailed to you a week after your balance has reached the verification threshold.
  • You have to wait for a week after your account balance reached the verification threshold for a PIN to be generated and mailed to you.
  • PINs often take up to 4 weeks to reach you by mail, though it may take longer depending on your location.
  • After a PIN is sent and you are unable to receive it, you have to wait for at least 3 weeks before you can request a new one.

How to Request for a new Adsense PIN

To check the date when you will be able to request a new PIN, log in to your account and navigate to the Payments Tab > Verification Check. You will see the “Sent” section and the date the last PIN was sent, add 3 weeks to that date, that gives the next date you can resend your PIN. There is also a hidden notice that becomes visible on hover, the notice contains the date your PIN will expire. A sample is given below:

Your PIN is sent by standard post and may take up to 2-3 weeks to arrive.
This PIN expires Jul 02, 2022. If your PIN expires before you verify your address, ads will stop showing on your site.++++

On the “Verification Check” page, there is a box to enter the code when received, the Submit button, and the “Resend PIN” button, click on the RESEND PIN to resent your PIN.

At times, there may be a problem with your address, to edit your address, navigate to the Payments Tab and follow this sequence.

Payments > Payments Info > Scroll Downn to Settings > Manage Settings > Scroll to Payments Profile > Name and Address.

Edit the necessary address, phone number and submit. Some people suggested you type your phone number with the address apart from the phone number section, as this helps the post office to call you when your mail is received. After the necessary edit, return to the Verification tab to resend your PIN as explained earlier. Please note: All PINs are duplicates of the first PIN sent, so no matter how long it takes to get the PIN or even after requesting a new one, the same PIN is valid for verification of your address.

Factors that Affect Adsense PIN Delivery

  • The first factor I could mention is if you typed your location incorrectly, wrong phone number or do not know the correct postal code of your area.
  • Location: if you live in the remote part of your country, you may not receive the PIN even after reapplying many times.

Verifying Address in Adsense without PIN Mail

The factors earlier listed and bad post office services in a country lead to seeking alternative means of verifying your address in Adsense account. According to Adsense support, you can only resend your PIN 3 times, after you have exhausted this grace, you will be given the option to verify your account by uploading a Government Issued ID Card. This means the same ID as the one that was earlier accepted for account verification.

For Nigerians, you can use any of the IDs I earlier mentioned above, however, the address on the ID Card should be the same as the one on your Adsense account, and I believe you know how to do that.

If for other countries, you can upload a scanned copy of your government-approved document. You can also use a Bank statement, Utility Bill (e.g. Electricity) Telephone bill for the same. If you have a passport, use it to get past AdSense PIN issues. Now, let’s get to it.

Steps to verify Address in AdSense Account Using Allowed Documents

Before you begin, you should need to scan your valid ID or Utility bill as PDF or jpg for uploading. Also write down your name as on the ID, and copy out your publisher ID from your account (e.g. pub-XXXXXXXXX).

Now follow the process below:

  • Login to your Adsense Account
  • Navigate to Payments
  • Click on Verification Check > Verify with ID
  • Fill out the form with the correct details
  • Supply your name and email then upload the PDF ID card or Utility Bill
  • Then Submit

It takes about 30 mins to be reviewed and get a response. After that, your account will be verified and approved. Your payments are ready to be wired, you can go to the payments tab, and enter your bank details or preferred payment method in the “How do you wan to get paid” section. Adsense makes payments on the 21st of every month once your earnings have reached the payment threshold of 100USD.

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You also know blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme, be patient and work hard and everything will get better as time goes on. Work well for your online money and spend it wisely.

Do use the comments section to share your Adsense verification experience with us and also share this article with other bloggers.

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