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How to PIN More Than 3 Chats on Whatsapp

Have you been looking for a way to PIN unlimited on your Whatsapp so that you can access them anytime without much scrolling or searching? Worry no more, because in this article, I will be showing you a trick on how to pin more than 3 chats on your normal WhatsApp app or WhatsApp business. Read on or quickly watch the video attached to the article.

What Does Pinning Messages on Whatsapp Do?

Pinning some contacts or chats at the top of your WhatsApp window allows you quickly make a reference to these most-message contacts without the need to search for them in the ocean of messages. This is a good feature in Whatsapp but has one limitation, i.e. Whatsapp only allows you to pin a maximum of 3 chats by default, to do more than that, you will need to unpin of the pinned chats.

Still, this is a good feature to keep your Mom, wife, girlfriend, clients, boss, business partners or friend’s chat at the top of the chat window. Another nice thing is that this feature works for all chats i.e. you can pin individuals, group chats and broadcast lists. Alternatively, Telegram allows you to pin as many chats as you want.

How to PIN Chats on WhatsApp (Normal Process)

To PIN your most contacted friends, follow these instructions

  • Open your WhatsApp and tap-hold on the chat(s)
  • After this, on the top bar, you’ll see the pin icon beside the delete button or beside the label button in WhatsApp Business
  • Click on the Pin icon and the selected chat(s) will move to the top of the list
  • This process allows you to pin only 3 chats, you can select them at once or individually. But what if you need to PIN More than 3 chats?

How to PIN More than 3 Chats on WhatsApp

Remember I told you this is a trick, so we have to do it very fast (within 3 seconds or so). Follow with me as I explain:

  • Message all numbers you wanted to PIN so that their chat will come up
  • If you have pinned 3 chats already, tap-hold one of the chats and move them to archive. (To do this, click on the archive sign, it looks like a save button on your top bar beside the mute button) or use the next step.
  • To archive a chat, click on the sign by the top bar, and select “Archive Chat”
  • A pop down will show below your screen with “UNDO“, it will last for 5 secs. Let’s quickly do the next step
  • Quickly pin another chat, then click on UNDO, in order to reverse the archive, before it goes off. If it goes off, archived messages can be found at the end/bottom of your chat list.
  • You garrit? Now you can chat with your pinned contacts anytime you want.
  • You don’t get it? quickly scroll up to watch my how-to video on this topic.

Pin More than 3 Chats on Whatsapp Trick Explained

The trick is that archived chats are chats that you are not interacting with, for now, so, when you moved a chat to archive, you will not receive a notification when the person messaged you but the messages are still in that chatbox, not deleted. So, at the time you moved one of the pinned chats to archive, WhatsApp understands that you are not chatting will them for now (not an active chat), hence the opportunity of quickly pinning another contact, and once you reverse the archive quickly, no error will be taken.

I hope you find this helpful, kindly use the comments section if you have questions. Do share with friends too.

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