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How To Make Your Data Subscription Last Longer

It’s a very big question as to how your data subscription can last up to the expiration date. It is noticed that Mobile data/internet subscription has become expensive and it is also hard for people to control the rate at which they use their mobile data due to increased network speed. However, there are some simple things you can do that can expand the life of your data subscriptions.

In this article we will answer this common question in 5 ways. Read on…

Turn Off Your Mobile Data When Not in Use

The reason many of us exhaust our mobile data quite fast is that we are not used to the habit of turning off our mobile data. We like to keep it on so we will always be online and updated on the latest news and trend. While our data is on, background applications which run on data subscription continue to consume the data.

Change Your Network Speed

If you are using a 4G smartphone, the rate at which your phone consumes data is more than a person using a 3G phone. Therefore to reduce the consumption rate you can simply go to your settings and change your network speed from 3G to 4G. This can be done under your phone network settings. Once you do this you will be able to pick the network speed you want, you can also change it later if you need a faster network speed.

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Put Your Phone On Data Saving Mode

This is one of the best ways to minimize your data consumption rate. Data saving mode is a special feature that allows your phone to release an internet connection to the application you are using currently. This means if you are on Whatsapp other apps like Twitter or Instagram will be unable to use your data. In native browsers like Chrome and Opera, data saving mode are also included and you can activate it from the app settings.

Always Clear/Clean your RAM

RAM function as a ledger that stores the information of any application that you open temporarily so you can always go back to it without having to restart the app. Clearing your RAM will help to shut down the apps that are stored in the ledger, therefore, reducing data consumption. To clear your RAM, hold down the phone’s menu button, all the apps that are currently running will show up, then you can click on “Close all” or swipe up to close a specific programme. Clearing your RAM also prevents your phone from lagging.

Subscribe to Night Plans

For some of us, who are movie freaks, or do download large files, subscribing to night plans would be an interesting one. Most of the network operators in Nigeria have night plans with up to 2GB allocation with which you can download movies and other large files you may have to use data for. With this, you will be able to preserve your normal data subscription for chatting and surfing the net in the day.

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If you are using MTN, you can subscribe to night plan by dialling *406# and follow the prompts (500Mb costs 50 naira). For Airtel users, you can dial *312#. This code allow you to subscribe to Smart Trybe and enjoy night plan bundles. For Glo users dial *777# to activate night plan bundles. Additionally, most of the plans start from just 25 naira only.

So, chill on and enjoy your data wella. Do you have more ideas on this topic? Share it with us in the comments section.

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