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How to Free Up Phone’s Storage when full

Each phone has a specified storage space for files and different application. If your phone’s read Only Memory (ROM) is low, it will get filled up easily as it’s larger part is taken away by the OS and pre-installed apps.

Is your smartphone’s storage full? Do you need to free up some space? It takes time to generally for up but here we have compiled things you can do to free up some space on your device in lesser period of time.

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Use Google Playstore

You can use Google playstore to clean your phone’s storage. Is this true? Yes, all you need to do is open the app, tap on profile>manage app and device. Click on the storage, here you will be able to see that apps that you have downloaded and how much space each one is consuming. You can then select the apps you don’t use frequently to free up your space.

Delete large files in one go

Every smartphone has Google Files app. It’s indicated as Files on some device. Open the app, swipe lest to see the files on your phone and the space it is consuming. Open any of it and select to delete them.

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Use WhatsApp storage manager

WhatsApp documents, photos, audios get saved on phone’s gallery. Users download unwanted photos or videos on WhatsApp. To quickly delete any media, open the app, go to settings>storage and data. Tap on manage storage, you will see files more than 5mb, tap on it to delete unwanted media once.

Clear app cache

You can also consider freeing some space on your phone by clearing the cache of apps you have installed. Note: Do not make mistake of clearing the apps data. To do this, go to phone storage>apps, tap on any app, click on storage and below you will see the clear cache icon.

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