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Home » Business: How to Create an Irresistible Offer and Drive More Sales

Business: How to Create an Irresistible Offer and Drive More Sales

how to create an irresistible offer

Many people ventures into a business, but making your business sell may be a big issue sometimes. From trying to convince a prospective buyer to buy your physical or online product, to getting good customer reviews, designing your product, and putting user experience in mind to strategies to beating competitors in the market and earning more profits. Mehn! everything could be so overwhelming, however, let’s go through some things that could assist you in creating irresistible offers which eventually drive sales.

5 Tips on How to Create Irresistible Offers

Your offer must help solve a problem

Nobody is going to buy from you if your product is not solving their problems. The more pressing the problem, the more sales you are going to make.

People buy because they see your offer as a solution to their problems. People don’t have the same problems, that’s why it’s important for you to define who your target audience is. Of course, people pay for solutions – so, you have to make your offer in such a way that your potential buyers see the problem, and believe that your product is the best solution available to it, even if they didn’t have the money, they will save to buy it from you, no matter how expensive it is.

Your offer should include bonuses

Bonuses are the spice of offers. They are important in making offers become irresistible. Bonuses like buy 2 get 1 free. It can be in the form of “take action now and get 50% discount”. You can also add things like free books, free consultations, etc. People like free things, you know?


Have you seen a seller who advertises a product before, and you end up buying it, even though you haven’t actually budgeted to purchase it that day? There are too many things that can cause distractions to people in one day. You want to create an offer that makes people want to take action immediately (before they get distracted). Create a sense of urgency with your offer.

Make them know that they have to take your offer fast or they’ll lose it.

We can have messages such as:

  • This offer lasts only for 2 hours.
  • The first 5 people will get a 20% discount.

By this, you will be able to trigger their emotion to take action on time.

Use Testimonies / Get reviews

People hardly trust new products or service providers. People are often afraid of getting scammed. So you have to make them trust you. You have to prove to them that you can be trusted. You do that by showing them testimonials of people who have taken your offer.

However, you have to ensure your product is ACTUALLY good to get good reviews, polish your products but don’t coat them with a paint that gets washed off once touched by water – getting paid reviews may ruin your business in the long run.

Even if you tell people you’re the best in the business, nobody is going to believe you. Anybody can call himself/herself or product or service delivery the best. It’s more believable when other people show them that your offer is great.

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Through referrals or recommendations, your sales can increase and consumer acceptability of your products can be improved upon. Get testimonials from people who have taken your offer before. And show it to your new prospective clients or customers.

It makes them feel that they can trust you. It shows them that you know what you’re doing and you’re not a scammer. It also proves to them that your product works. One thing is that you have to make sure you are not building fake confidence by showing your clients fake alerts and proof the effect of this is that, if in the end your client discovered, it prevents them from referring you, your product or services to someone else, in essence, you gain one, you lose more.

how to create an irresistible offer

Show them the results

People will only buy your product when they see that it’s the solution to their problems. Some people don’t usually care how your product works, or which chemicals were added to produce your products or brands (However some elite people do, people who are knowledgeable about skin cancers may not purchase skincare formulations from you, in which you, the seller doesn’t even know its side effects or the appropriate formula).

What people care about is whether or not the product works. So sell results to them. Show them the end result of using your product (if it is a physical product).

  • Show them how they’ll look and the result to get after using your products.
  • Show them how beautiful their skin will be after using your skin care products.
  • Show them how beautiful they will look if you paint them.
  • Show them how professional they’ll look if they employ you as their graphic designer.

Don’t tell them stories of how long it took you to make it, because they don’t care. All they want is to see how your product will be of benefit to them. For virtual products like software, you can upload a video description, up to 3 screenshots from the product, make a demo of how it works. Make sure what you said is present is actually present, make your description brief, true and catchy.

Also, when trying to explain something to them, let it be simple. Let your message be devoid of ambiguity. Don’t use confusing terms. Let them understand what you’re saying. If you can follow the tips, you will always make great sales.

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With the 5 points listed above, I hope you will apply those tips to your business and get more sales.

Thought I missed a tip? Use the comments section below to let us know another tip you can think of. Cheers!

Credit: Onamiyeoluwa Ademola

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