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  • New Update: Whatsapp Now Allow More Than 300 Users in a Whatsapp Group
    Recall that on Thursday, 14th April, 2022 Whatsapp made it known that they will be releasing some new features to make the social app more interactive for users. Among the listed updates are file share of up to 2GB and Whatsapp Communities.
  • Whatsapp Set to Roll Out New Updates: More Fileshare and Whatsapp Communities
    Whatsapp in its recent release has announced that it is working on some new features to allow a more organised social interaction.
  • How to Divert Calls to Another Number on MTN
    You can activate this Mtn call divert service when you need to transfer your calls to someone else because you’re busy or not reachable.
  • How to Print a Page as PDF on Your Mobile and Laptop Browser
    What some people do is just to screenshot the page and print, which may reduce the text quality and not preserve the contents. This blog post shows how to save your webpage on phone or laptop as a PDF file, which you can print later.
  • Top Ten Digital Skills You Should Learn in 2022
    Knowing these digital skills enables you to begin online freelancing, secure well-paying jobs amongst many other benefits. Here is the list of top 10 digital skills you should learn in 2022.
  • How To Make Your Data Subscription Last Longer
    How to manage your monthly data subscription to make it last to the expiry date is a big question nowadays, considering the fact that mobile data/internet subscription plans has become expensive.
  • How To Earn ₦5000 Monthly Online
    This article will teach you on how you can earn up to ₦5000 easily at home as side income without stress.There are several articles on how you can make money online on this website, you can search the tag “how to make money” to see various articles we have written so far. Making money online… Read More »How To Earn ₦5000 Monthly Online
  • 5 Red Flags one should avoid when looking for a Job
    Many at times, we are told how to act, how to speak, and how to answer questions when being interviewed for a job, but we are not told about the things to look out for in a job. This article highlights the major red flags one should look out for when they are considering a job opportunity.
  • Retail Therapy: Why You May Get Broke Easily.
    At some moment when you’re sad or down, you just feel this rush to buy something or go for shopping to calm your nerves. It’s called retail therapy.. Haven’t heard about it before? Let’s ride…
  • How to Download and Print Improved NIN Slip Using NIMC Mobile App
    The Honourable Minister of Communications and Digital Economy has approved the development and release of an improved National Identity Number (NIN) slip and a Mobile App.
  • How to Free Up Phone’s Storage when full
    Each phone has a specified storage space for files and different application. If your phone’s read Only Memory (ROM) is low, it will get filled up easily as it’s larger part is taken away by the OS and pre-installed apps.
  • 5 Things To Do When Using Phone At Night
    At night, smart phones and computers are commonly used by a lot of people for either work or other purposes. However, health experts and studies reveal that what seems like a perfectly innocent habit may be doing your health serious harm.
  • 4 Things a Manual Car Driver Shouldn’t Do
    There are things a manual car driver should not do. Some of these things apply to to automatic car drivers also. It’s a reality that driving a manual car is not as difficult as it appears first.
  • How to Set a Web Page to Desktop Mode in Mobile Browsers
    Setting a page to desktop mode in your mobile browsers enable you to have a view of the full page and its customisations as it is when viewing through a laptop or desktop computer.
  • 29 Online Jobs You Can Do as a Nigerian Student
    There are many things that Nigerian students can do to earn a living. This is an eye opener into the many diverse things that would earn a living for a student either part time or full time.
  • How To Be A Good Blogger: An Exclusive Guide
    Whether you’re considering going into blogging business, your blog is new or old, there are always ways that you can improve it and become a better blogger. In this article we will cover 9 tips on how to be an amazing blogger!
  • 9 Easiest Ways To Earn Dollars Online In Nigeria
    Outlined in this blog post are nine easy ways to earn dollars online in Nigeria regardless of your qualifications or experience! Are you ready? So go ahead and try out one (or all) of these methods and start generating some extra income!
  • 12 Things To Consider While Starting An Online Business
    Ever wondered how to start your own online business? It’s actually never too late to start your own business, but it is important to plan ahead. We know starting a new venture can be daunting and stressful, so we compiled this list of 12 things you should consider before diving in head-first.
  • Your Money or Your Life: 4 Reasons Why You Need to Build Wealth
    Your well-being, quality of life and ability to merely survive and thrive as a human depends to a large extent on money. It depends on your ability to speculate, navigate and react to economic situations.
  • Rayban Sunglasses: Capture the World From Your Eyes
    Rayban Stories is a new type of Sunglasses From Rayban company in Collaboration with Facebook for Capturing moments as you see it.
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