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5 Things To Do When Using Phone At Night

At night, smart phones and computers are commonly used by a lot of people for either work or other purposes. However, health experts and studies reveal that what seems like a perfectly innocent habit may be doing your health serious harm.

The blue light emitted by the mobile phone, more specifically the smartphones have the shortest wavelength that flickers more. This affects the vision and over a long period, it can even damage the retina.

Reduce Screen Resolution/Brightness

It is very important that you make sure that your screen setting such as your brightness are turned down. You could add addition safety measures by turning on your eye care which could be found in most smart phones used today.

Use Night Mode

Try as much as possible to make sure that the night mode is turn on. Most smart phones have this feature for security purposes.

When using your phone or computer at night, it is important that you make out some time to blink, this has been proven to help protect your eye a lot.

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Ensure There’s Bright Light

Always ensure the room which you will be staying when using your phones or computers should be well lit. Studies say that dark room make the rays from the phone or computer to directly affect your eye.

When your room is lit, it prevents the direct contact with phone rays preventing a lot of damages which might be caused as a result of using your phone or computer.

Create A Certain Distance Between The Device And You

When using either your smart phones or computers, it is important that you make sure that your distance is very significant. Keeping it too close to your eye could really cause damage.


Technological advancements are indeed good, but one must be aware of using it for enhancing our lives and not affecting it negatively.

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