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5 Red Flags one should avoid when looking for a Job

There are a lot of things to consider when searching for a Job and a lot of qualifications they sometimes require. From the moment you submit your application to your acceptance letter, a lot goes into, the process. From writing down your resume to following up on a job application without appearing desperate. It would be very bad if after all of these, and the energy put into following up on the job, it is not what it seems. For this reason, if you’re going to invest your time and energy in pursuing a job,  you should be able to identify the red flags early in the search process. Thankfully there are a lot a person should look out for. Here are 5 red flags one should look out for in a company.

1. If the Job title and duties don’t match

If the job title and description of duties are not aligned or seem slightly different, there is a high chance that the position may not end up being what you thought it would be or hoped for. Many companies do this a lot. They might give a big job title and by the time one does his/her findings, the job description might be of a lower class or lower than your qualifications. For example, perhaps a job available would be the job of an assistant lecturer. You are qualified, you have your masters and you have gone through the whole process. If you are not careful, and you do not read the job description well, you might end up just running errands for your superiors. In this case, that may lead to feeling unsatisfied in the position because you’re not growing mentally or stimulating your mind.This could also be the other way round. If the job title is lower than the outlined duties, it may mean the company is trying to take advantage of candidates by hiring highly skilled people for lesser titles and pay.

2. There are too many requirements

Another big red flag you cannot overlook is if You have to tick a lot of boxes to even qualify for the position. This can reveal that the company doesn’t know what it wants in a person or how to assess for it, which means you’ll be set up for failure before you’ve even started the interview process. You would end up doing many jobs in the guise of one intentionally or not. Even if you do get and start the job, this system already created won’t gear you up for great on-the-job success since expectations will be unrealistic from the start.

3. Missing practical information

Lack of clarity and necessary details should also raise a red flag in your job search, as that’s not a great trait in a potential employer. If the necessary information is being left out, then there is something suspicious about the role. Basic things, like where the job is based, how much it pays, who would be in charge, what level it is, what type of employment it is (full time, part-time, contractor, etc.), and so forth should be made clear. It should also be clear about the steps prospective employees should take to apply if they’re interested and what they can expect during the interview process. If one is not careful, we might just end up applying to be a hired assassin (if they put out forms anyway).

4. Focuses on tasks only and does not leave room for creativity

While as an employee, there will surely be many tasks for you to do, but the job description shouldn’t focus solely on a list that does not leave room for creativity and growth potential. This just gives off the impression that the hiring team view is the person as someone to dump their problems onto than someone they will need to take the company to the next level with their creativity and talents. As an employee, you want to be seen as a person, not a working machine, so you should take note of the responsibilities spoken of and make sure they align with your expectations for the role.  Make sure the job entails what experiences, growth, or skills the candidate will gain from the job.

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5. The responsibilities are not equal to the pay

There are many people that are being underpaid and feel undervalued. Even if you’re a big fan of the company you’re applying to work for, if the job description tells that you have to go through hell, heaven and back just to gain their attention and feel valued, such jobs should be avoided because it shows a preview of how a continual day on the job would look like.

Employment is transactional, and there should be an equal exchange of value. They benefit from you, and you benefit from them. Such job descriptions can come in many forms. Some may look like an endless number of interviews that are unnecessary. Just like any relationship, it should not feel too one-sided. They should be willing to hire a person the same way you are willing to work.  These are just a few things that one should consider as a red flag before applying for a job.

Good luck!

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Morountodun Oke Lawal

I am currently a full-time Psychology student studying at Obafemi Awolowo university while freelancing as a writer. I enjoy writing poems and articles. During my leisure time, I enjoy drawing, dancing and photograph.

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