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4 Things a Manual Car Driver Shouldn’t Do

There are things a manual car driver should not do. Some of these things apply to to automatic car drivers also. It’s a reality that driving a manual car is not as difficult as it appears first.

As a tech writer and also a car driver, who can drive both manual and automatic I have compiled these for drivers and those who want to learn driving.

Do not park your vehicle in neutral

Either an automatic gear car or manual gear car should not be parked with neutral gear. When a vehicle with an automatic transmission is parked, the park function is activated but for manual cars with no park gear, do we have to leave it in neutral? No, as there is a park function in automatic transmission car, one should always engage the first or reverse gear in addition to the parking brake.

Do not leave car in gear while stuck in traffic

Most drivers do this to assist them in accelerating quickly once traffic clears. This is absolutely not a good idea as it cause the throw out bearings pressed up against the clutch disc to wear out.

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Make sure your foot is on clutch

It is always good to have your left foot slightly on clutch. This is done to allow for quick engagement of the clutch if there is need to slow down. However, slight placement of the foot on the clutch doesn’t warrant pressing the pressure down always.

Don’t engage in driving manual cars with neutral gear

It is a common practice amidst commercial taxi drivers in Nigeria to do this in sloppy or free road networks. It is very risky because as at that time you don’t have complete control of the car. You can’t suddenly accelerate out if a jam and you lose engine braking, puting your brakes at risk of overheating.


Get indepth knowledge of driving before getting involve in the practical. Stay safe on road.

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